Sunday, January 15, 2012

Googley-Eyed Monster Cake

       My sister is THIRTY today!! Happy Birthday, sister! Distance often separates loved ones from being able to share special moments together. Fortunately, there is a wonderful invention called the internet. I really wanted to make my sister's third-decade-old birthday cake, but I couldn't afford to fly to the west coast. Nor do I trust the mail to send a cake without it turning into "birthday soup". So this picture will have to suffice. How cute is this cake?! Sometime last year I asked L if I could make this cake for one of her two girls for a birthday. She answered me saying, "Forget them, what about for ME?!" So, L, SURPRISE! Who says that thirty-year-olds have to be stuffy? Life is still vibrant and flowing vivaciously in your veins! What better way to celebrate joy for life than through a Googley-Eyed Monster Cake? 
       For this cake I piped on frosting-hair with a grass tip (Wilton #233). For the mouth I used a standard round tip. To make the orange/yellow effect, I filled orange frosting vertically in half of my piping bag and filled the other half with yellow. The frosting then comes out naturally swirly. Cool huh? Oh, and just for the record, I used AmeriColor Food Coloring. Love that stuff. Finally, for the eyes I made cakepops! For a tutorial on how to make them, head over to Bakerella's blog. She is considered the queen of cakepops, afterall.
      Finally, I would like to end this post with thirty reasons why my sister is great.

30 Reasons Why My Sister is Great
(In no specific order)

1. She's witty.
2. She has a great smile.
3. She's a great cook.
4. She's a great baker.
5. She's creative.
6. She's loving.
7. She's an awesome wife.
8. She's given me the two greatest neices in the world.
9. She's beautiful.
10. She's healthy.
11. She's organized.
12. She's influencial.
13. She's a soldier defending our freedom.
14. She has me for a sister. ;)
15. She's fashionable.
16. She has good advice.
17. She's a good leader.
18. She loves life.
19. She's understanding.
20. She's smart.
21. She's athletic.
22. She's an awesome mom. (I should have mentioned that by #8, hehe.)
23. She's faithful.
24. She's encouraging.
25. She's strong, mentally and physically.
26. She's compasionate.
27. She's curious.
28. She's adventurous.
29. She's brave.
30. She's my sister.

Love you lots L! Hope your 30th year of life is amazing.


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  1. I think your sister thinks your special.